HR Automation is a Huge Field, and Digital Designs tackles the paper-intensive operations so you can do the fun stuff.

  • Performance Review Workflows
  • Employee Request Document Tracking: FMLA, Vacations, Absences
  • On-boarding Document Control

Digital Designs' HR Automation module enhances your investment in DocAgent and allows you to control many areas within HR to take control of paper intensive operations. The HR module can be scaled to handle a small task such as employee request forms all the way to encompassing a complex national workflow of on-boarding thousands of employees per year including E-Verify filing.

HR Automation from Digital Designs provides a cost-effective and secure method to automate many of the document collection steps in your administration's processes. Certain processes within the HR department have standardized outcomes, and automating these routine processes in your organization, empowers your users, and enables your HR staff to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately, granting you total control of your workflows. 

  • Manage FMLA requests
  • Provide system to capture and file performance reviews in one location
  • Capture new applicant documents & compare to predefined document sets
  • Email managers if documents are missing
  • Manage document workflow according to your defined processes
  • Automate your on-boarding process:
    • Applications
    • Drivers Licenses
    • I-9's
    • W-4's

Infor HR

Digital Designs' HR module was designed alongside Infor and tightly integrated into Infor's Core HR system, so you do not have to re-enter key information into the employee master file during many of your key processes. From the moment applicant information is captured to the time you are ready to post data in Infor, you are in control of the data and the process…knowing where things are, who needs to sign off, what is missing, and much more; all from a single sign on. 

Digital Designs has been developing Infor enhancement products for over 20 years. These include automation of paperless pay stubs and W-2's, complete workflow of AP invoice automation, applicant document tracking, and much more. We have been a direct value added partner for over 15 years. Our products are sold and supported directly by Infor’s national sales and services teams.

Employee Document Scanning

In the Human Resources department, the volume of unstructured data continues to multiply even as companies add HR management systems. By capturing document data at the point of origination, the obstacles involved in locating and accessing information are eliminated, offering organizations the opportunity to achieve greater levels of efficiency. 

  • Reduce costs and the time it takes to perform routine tasks of locating applicant files
  • DocAgent automatically checks for signatures
  • Capture content such SSN, I-9s, W-4s, applicant info, driver license images
  • Document repository is accessible anywhere anytime
  • Immediately monitor imported files and documents

Analyze (with our Analytics Dashboard)

Human resources automation management empowers organizations to make better decisions by providing a greater level of transparency and visibility into its processes, ultimately increasing the executives' level of control. 

Digital Designs' Integrated Analytics Dashboard is customizable and can provide overviews in table and graphical formats.

It relieves the burden on IT and reports key performance indicators and metrics in real-time, offering instant insights from intuitive dashboards. 

  • Increased visibility of workflows & bottlenecks
  • Run reports such number of I-9's on file vs employees
  • See the number of documents in the review process 
  • Number of exception items & why 
  • Audit readiness


Security has priority. As a result, a secure, central electronic repository is the backbone of our business process automation system. It provides safe and easy access to sensitive data and reports. In the outsourcing model, Digital Designs maintains client information in a secure data center which is compliant with the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70. In traditional in-house systems, many critical documents and records are stored only in paper form and are vulnerable to natural disasters and other uncontrollable events.

Prepare for Tomorrow, Today

With cumbersome paper filing, random retrieval of something as important as employee records could take an unacceptable amount of time in today's fast-paced business world. Businesses are rapidly migrating systems to e-business for more responsive service and reduced operating costs. Document management can make documents immediately accessible via any authorized Web browser on demand. Digital Designs can help make the process a simple, smooth transition.

A Passion for Service and Support

Our passion begins with the consulting and sales process. We believe doing business should be easy. At Digital Designs we not only deliver the highest quality, most robust, and most manageable software solutions, but we also take great pride in our acclaimed customer service and support. Our Software Solution Specialists are on hand to provide timely answers to your questions and help you get the greatest value from your software investment.


  • Tight integration to Infinium HR
  • E-Verify auto-filing
  • Index & create e-Folders
  • Provides document workflows
  • Reduce document handling
  • Eliminate remote site postage & handling

Infor - Infinium

  • No need to rekey information into your Infinium HR System

There is a Better Way.

To learn more about automating your HR Document and Employee Information Management, to schedule a free one-on-one consultation, or to find out more about our other Enterprise Document Management Solutions, please contact us today. Or call us at (800) 948-6293 ext. 126.