The Cage is the casino's greatest asset. It is responsible for securing, managing, and controlling the daily casino activities. And, with the Cage's significance in mind, Digital Designs developed a Cage & Audit Automation solution to provide a cost-effective method to automate many of the repeated steps and document capture in your casino operations. Automating these routine, traditionally manual processes in your organization enables and empowers your users to process work more efficiently and more accurately, giving you the best way to raise your levels of customer service and take control of your workflow. 

The application collects the paper documents generated within your casino operations, including those produced by slot machines and table games. Our software then images and extracts key data to verify totals and signatures and assists with the audit process. All the while, your records are kept safe, secure and available for on demand viewing for auditors and the Gaming Commission. 

The module captures and allows auditors to track items such as transfer sheets, markers, internal count sheets, and much more.

  • Meet all MICS requirements
  • Eliminate manual counting and tracking
  • Track all assets and liabilities for auditing
  • View your workflow in real-time via our dashboard for auditors


An organization's workflow specifies what tasks need to be executed, what order they need to be accomplished in, who is involved, what systems are being used, and what rules are being followed. Many of these tasks can be automated for greater efficiencies and cost savings. Digital Designs automates many of the audit tasks, so exceptions are highlighted and "auto-approvals" move forward without slowing the process down.


In all casinos, the volume of unstructured data – tickets, transfers, count sheets, markers and hundreds of other formats – continues to multiply even as technologies like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is deployed.

By capturing data at the point of origination, the obstacles involved in locating and accessing information are eliminated, offering organizations the opportunity to achieve greater levels of efficiency and a much more efficient audit process.

  • Capture documents from the gaming floor or cage operations
  • Capture all types of data from virtually any document type
  • Consolidate information in one location, & integrate with your accounting systems


With cage management automation, it's possible to direct and control the entire lifecycle of your files, documents, and other forms of unstructured content, while protecting them and keeping you in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

  • Monitor imported files and documents immediately
  • Link information to related business applications and transactions automatically


Everyone who needs access to company data should be able to locate it easily, from anywhere. Cage management automation increases efficiency by enabling you to access that information quickly, without hassle. 

The structured content can be delivered to ERP systems, accounting systems, decision makers, managers, and even the gaming commission via personal computers, terminals, tablets, and mobile phones. 


Cage management automation empowers organizations to make better decisions by providing a greater level of transparency and visibility into its processes, ultimately increasing the executives' level of control. 

Digital Designs' Integrated Analytics Dashboard is customizable and can provide overviews in table and graphical formats.

It relieves the burden on management and reports key performance indicators and metrics in real-time, offering instant insights from intuitive dashboards. 

  • Monitor audit and end of shift processes
  • Increase control & visibility
  • Establish faster validation
  • Produce reports
  • Gain insight to workflow bottlenecks


  • Auto validate signatures on documents
  • Image and extract key data fields from your documents
  • Grant auditors secure access and visibility into your casino operations
  • Automate the audit process
  • Provide audit views/alerts for exception items

Document Backup

  • Reduce paper and storage costs
  • Reduce the use of manual forms
  • Simplify access to documents to Internal audit
  • Create electronic audit work packages


Security has priority. As a result, a secure, central electronic repository is the backbone of our document management system. It provides safe and easy access to important documents and reports. In the outsourcing model, Digital Designs maintains client information in our secure data center which is compliant with the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70. In traditional in-house systems, many critical documents and records are stored only in paper form and are vulnerable to natural disasters and other uncontrollable events.

  • Grant and revoke individual and group rights
  • User access restricted to document type and specified sections of a document (i.e. based on account numbers)
  • Business-specific rules permit document access to individuals with appropriate authority


Our passion begins with the consulting and sales process. We believe doing business should be easy. At Digital Designs we not only deliver the highest quality, most robust, and most manageable software solutions, but we also take great pride in our acclaimed customer service and support. Our Software Solution Specialists are on hand to provide timely answers to your questions and help you get the greatest value from your software investment.


  • Easily integrate with casino accounting, audit systems, & other accounting systems
  • Reduce burden of manual keying & forwarding of paper
  • Reduce manual cage processes
  • Decrease annual audit functions
  • Eliminate retrieving documents from storage
  • Rapid ROI
  • Maintain an full 5-year audit database for regulatory compliance purposes
  • View only access directly from the Gaming Commission
  • Manage routing and form approvals
  • Thin client
  • Multi-tenant architecture

There is a Better Way.

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