Gray TV Tells the story of Business Process Automation to TFM Magazine

SEVERAL YEARS back, the accounting department at Gray Television was a decentralized tangle. A variety of systems, redundancies, delays, waste, errors and omissions were all part of the daily process.  When Gray acquired two TV stations and other businesses from Phipps Broadcasting in 1996, Gray had a total of five TV stations, along with publishing, paging and a mobile satellite production/uplink operations. Vance Luke, who transferred from Phipps to Gray and is now the company’s vice president and controller, found five or six different ERP [enterprise resource planning] systems for general edger. Payroll was on another system, and fixed assets records were maintained on spreadsheets.

2016-01-26 09_46_21-.png

Consolidating financial information involved rekeying printed reports from the various systems into spreadsheets. It was clear that the first step needed to improve the accounting department’s efficiencies was to select and implement a solid integrated ERP system. Gray’s operations were moved to a single general ledger system, with a common chart of accounts. Luke then rewrote all the financial statements.

Later his team added other integrated modules of the ERP system for accounts payable, human resources, payroll and fixed assets.

Over the years Gray fine-tuned its focus to be a “pure play broadcast” operation by divesting all other lines of business. This single focus on TV also simplified streamlining backend systems and set the stage for centralizing many back-end accounting processes.

Infor Addresses the Art of Collaboration in a Multi-Channel World

During a recentinterview on CXO Talk, Chip Coyle, Chief Marketing Officer of Infor, sat down to discuss his responsibilities as CMO. In addition, he elaborated on Infor’s ideology and the importance of digital influence while providing invaluable insight for marketers, executives, and knowledge workers alike...

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Digital Designs meets Infor and Kofax on the Golf Course - Reimagine Business Mobile

A lot of business is conducted on the golf course, especially at the 19th hole. Driving opportunity these days means engaging customers in more meaningful interactions. Mobile technology offers easy on-demand access to contextual business content and intelligence. . . .

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Reimagine Business Mobile - Introduction

Mobile technology is dramatically changing how, when, and where we get things done. It will have perhaps the most profound impact of any technology in our lifetimes, on the order of magnitude of the mainframe, PCs, and the internet. . . .

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Must-Read: Mobile Strategy by Dirk Nicol

Mobile Strategy:  How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies, by IBM's Dirk Nicol, should be on the desk (or virtual desk!) of every business executive, not just that of the CTO.  With an accelerating economics-driven shift to cloud and mobile, there is likely to be explosive transformation in business computing over the next three years.  But, how can you manage such rapid technological change?  Mobile Strategy gives you the roadmap. . . .

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5 Tips for Empowering Your Mobile Workforce

If you’re in the customer service business (and who isn't these days?!), you know that people are your greatest asset.  In a connected economy everyone in your entire workforce is an ambassador representing your organization's image and values to your customers and constituents and to the entire world. . . .

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Inforum 2013 - See Secure Mobile Content Capture and Delivery Solutions for Infor at Booth #900

Mobile technology is enabling the workforce to become more agile and more mobile.  Smart process applications demand that business content be captured earlier in the process, ideally at the point of origination.  It's no longer acceptable to wait until you get back to the office to get critical business information into the system. . . .

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Inforum 2013 - What will we learn about Gartner's Top 4 Priorities for CIO's?

In Gartner's webinar, "Mobile Trends and Issues from 2013 to 2016"Nick Jones reports that the top 2013 CIO priorities are ordered as follows:

     #1 - Analytics and Business Intelligence

     #2 - Mobile Technologies

     #3 - Cloud Computing

     #4 - Collaboration Technologies . . . .

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Infor 10 Motion - What will be new at Inforum 2013?

In one of Inforum 2012's keynote addresses Infor president Duncan Angove and EVP, Global Products, Soma Somasundaram described Infor's powerful new "ION" (Integrated Open Network) middleware architecture.  "Infor 10 Motion" is ION's mobile solution platform.  By exchanging standards-based transaction meta data Infor 10 Motion enables rapid provisioning of enterprise-ready mobile apps. . . .

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What will Charles Phillips' Keynote Reveal at Inforum 2013?

A year ago at Inforum 2012 Infor CEO Charles Phillips delivered a compelling keynote address describing how he and the management team at Infor (many of whom, like himself, had been there only a little over a year) had developed a simplified architecture that enabled Infor to deliver solutions "Specialized by Industry" and "Engineered for Speed".  (See blog, Infor's Standards-Based Strategy for Dominating the Enterprise.) . . . .

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